Alpha Science International Ltd., U.K. Territory
(Specialized in Mathematics, Engineering & Technology, Medicine, Science) China / HK

  American Scientific Publishers, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Science and Technology) China / HK

  American Psychiatric Publishing Inc., U.S.A
(Specialized in Psychiatric, Health Science) China / HK

Amsterdam University Press, Netherlands
(Specialized in Humanities, Social Science, Education & Popular Science) China / HK

Anshan, U.K.
Specialized in Science, Technology and Medical) China

Asia One Product and Publishing Limited, Hong Kong  

Ane Books Pvt. Ltd, India
(Specialized in all subjects) China / HK/ Taiwan

Astral International (P) Limited, India
(Specialized in Agriculture, Biotechnology. Fisheries, Veterinary Sciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences) China / HK/ Taiwan

Atlantic Publishing
(Specialized in Self-help. Business, Internet, Hospitality,Education) China / HK/ Taiwan

  Cambridge International Science Publishing Ltd, U.K.
(Specialized in Engineering, Technology, Material Science, Mathematics) China / HK / Taiwan

Channel View Publications, U.K.
(Specialized in tourism and environmental studies) China / HK

Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong
(Specialized in Social Science and General Interest) China / HK / Taiwan

City University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong
(Specialized in Social Science, Management and General Interest) China / HK / Taiwan

  Cardiotext Publishing, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Medical Science) China

  Carl Hanser Verlag, Germany
(Specialized in Plastics) Taiwan

Dunedin Academic Press, U.K.
(Specialized in Earth Science, Social Science and Education ) China / HK / Taiwan

  DEStech Publications, Inc., U.S.A.
(Specialized in Advanced Materials, Environmental Technology, Food Science & Technology) HK / China / Taiwan

European Mathematical Society Publishing House, Germany
(Specialized in Mathematics) China / HK / Taiwan

  FW Media, U.K.
(Specialized in General Trade) China

Federation Press, Australia
(Specialized in legal, social and academic books) China / HK / Taiwan

  Garnet Publishing Limited and Ithaca Press, U.K.
(Specialized in Middle East and Arab World’s Architecture, Art, Culture, Heritage & History) China / HK / Taiwan

  Gerlach Press, Germany
(Specialized in Middle East and Islamic Studies) China / HK / Taiwan

  Global Professional Publishing, U.K.
(Specialized in Banking, Finance, Economics and Business) HK / China / Taiwan

Greenleaf Publishing, U.K.
(Specialized in Corporate Responsibility, business ethics, environmental policy & mgt) HK / China

Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong
(Specialized in cultural studies, film and media studies, Chinese history and culture) China / HK / Taiwan

Idea Books, Netherlands
(Specialized in Art, Architecture, Design, Photography, Fashion) China / HK / Taiwan

Industrial Press, U.S.A
(Specialized in Technical Books for Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing & Education) HK / China / Taiwan

Indian Journals Online
(Specialized in areas of Agriculture, Animal Science, Applied Science & Tech, Dental Science) HK / China / Taiwan

  InTech Publisher, Croatia
(Specialized in Science, Engineering & Technology, Medicine) HK / China / Taiwan

J.Ross Publishing, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Engineering, Science, Architecture & Business HK / China / Taiwan

KW Publishers Pvt, Limited, India
(Specialized in Regional Security, Politics, International Relations) China / HK / Taiwan

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
(Specialized in all subjects – monographs, theses and dissertations) China / HK / Taiwan

MCCM Creations, Hong Kong
(Specialized in Art, Architecture, Design, Children Books) China / HK

Multilingual Matters, U.K. China / HK
(Specialized in bilingualism, second/foreign language learning, sociolinguistics, translation, interpreting and books for parents)

Mathematical Sciences Publishers, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Mathematical Journals) China / HK/ Taiwan

Meyer & Meyer Sport
(Specialized in Sports) China / HK / Taiwan

New Academic Science, U.K.
(Specialized in Science, Technology and Medical) China

Nova Science, U.S.A.
(all subjects) China / HK / Taiwan

  Open University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong
(Specialized in Education and Social Science) China

  Oneworld Publications, U.K.
(Fiction, Non-Fiction / Politics, Psychology, Business & Econ) China

Peter Lang, Switzerland
(Specialized in Humanities, Languages, Social Sciences, Law & Economics) HK / Taiwan

Packt Publishing, Inc., U.S.A.
(Specialized in Computer Science) HK / China / Taiwan

Plural Publishing Inc., U.S.A.
(Specialized in Education and speech-language pathology, audiology, and otolaryngology) China / Macau

  Practical Action Publishing, U.K.
(Specialized in Development) HK / China / Taiwan

Royal Society of Chemistry, U.K.
(Specialized in the Chemical Sciences) China / HK / Taiwan

Scion Publishing Ltd, U.K.
(Specialized in Life and Medical Science) China

Scitus Academics, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Earth Science) HK / China / Taiwan

TFM Publishers, U.K.
(Specialized in Medical Science) China

  TransTech Publications Inc
(Specialized in Material Science) HK / China / Taiwan

Thieme Verlag, Germany
(Specialized in Medical Science) China / HK

  VDM Publishing Group, Germany
(Specialized in all subjects – monographs, theses and dissertations) China / HK / Taiwan

WIT Press, U.K.
(Specialized in Science, Engineering & Technology) China / HK